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Johna Myers


His name is Johna Myers and he is from Petal, MS. He's 21 years old and graduated from Petal High in 2014 where he played football, basketball, baseball, and ran track. He committed to East Central CC to play football and transferred to the University of Southern Mississippi a year later. Another year later, he walked on the USM football team.
Myers is currently attending the University of Southern Mississippi to attain a Bachelor's in Marketing and pursuing a minor in English. With an uncle excelling to the highest stage of baseball and two older cousins excelling to the highest stage of softball, Myers has been exposed to sports his entire life.
He aspires to grow children into competent adults both physically and mentally. Scrap Yard Sports had offered him an opportunity to progress in the business, as well as, aspirational aspects of his life. Working with these girls and the children that come to watch them has taught him much more than any course. Go Dawgs!